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Lie Tote Bags

Lie Tote Bags

Rs. 363.00 Rs. 472.00
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About Artwork

"Do you know the English name of leafy & non leafy vegetables used in Assamese Cuisine? Here is a list of some vegetables (Leafy & Non Leafy) used in Assamese Cuisine along with their English name Lai xaak(লাই শাক)= Mustard green Paleng xaak(পালেং শাক)= Spinach Horiyoh xaak(সৰিয়হ শাক)= Mustard plant Dhekia(ঢেকিয়া)= Fiddlehead ferns Sojina(চজিনা)= Drumstick Maan-dhania(মান ধনিয়া)= Long coriander "

Lie Tote Bags
Rs. 363.00 Rs. 472.00
Rs. 363.00